Nova Scotia Shore

Made of Nova Scotia

We’re proud to launch Virga® Vodka. Our vision was simple – to handcraft one of the best tasting vodkas in the world using only local Nova Scotia ingredients.

Great vodka begins with great water and our local Glanbùrn artesian water is one of the greatest.  Glanbùrn (from the Gaelic for “pure waters”) is in the tradition of legendary mineral waters, developing a natural alkalinity as it passes through ancient glacial structures in the pristine Milford Haven watershed on its journey to our distillery in Guysborough. Through layers of glacial rock, the water takes on a natural mineral content, lending a soft texture to our vodka that you’ll notice when tasted.

Next, we sought the best wheat. We turned to the bountiful Annapolis Valley, home to some of the best soils in Atlantic Canada. Here we found the perfect spring wheat that we mill here at our distillery. Nova Scotia spring wheat gives Virga the smooth taste and creamy finish that we were looking for.

We bring our water and wheat grist together in our mash mixer and patiently ferment on-mash.  Then to our copper stills to create a spirit that is truly of Nova Scotia, a unique expression of our Province’s distinct terroir. Triple distillation ensures that only the purest hearts are captured for our farm-to-bottle vodka.

The result is a soft, smooth and creamy vodka that is a pleasure to enjoy on its own, over ice, or mixed in one of our many signature cocktails. We look forward to Virga Vodka being a part of your celebrations as we toast all that Nova Scotia has to offer the world.

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