Our Inspiration

Mermaid woodcut coming out of the water

Inspired By The Sea

Here against the wild Atlantic we take inspiration from the tales of the sea. Local legend says a mermaid revealed herself to fishermen up the coast in 1886, a mysterious stranger with long hair who turned towards their boat and disappeared into the vastness of the ocean.

Mermaid tail woodcut

Just as the mermaid takes shape in the mists off our coast, so too does our handcrafted vodka emerge from the vapours of our column stills. Made from Nova Scotia spring wheat and naturally pure Glanbùrn artesian water, Virga is triple distilled to ensure only the purest hearts are captured. The result is a smooth vodka with a taste as authentic as our untamed seacoast. And once experienced, like the enchanting mermaid, Virga is never forgotten.